Equine Physio Clinic

Clinic 1st February 2020

Mitchell Carney is a practicing special interest sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist, completing a Masters of Veterinary Physiotherapy through the University of Liverpool in the UK. Mitchell is a Doctor of Physiotherapy, and holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, educated in biomechanics, movement assessment, injury prevention, exercise prescription and rehabilitation of both humans and animals.

Involving the past several years Mitchell has worked within multiple sporting disciplines including elite and Olympic level athletes, and consulted with professional breeding stables and veterinarians for equine physiotherapy.

Mitchell is most interested in utilising his animal physiotherapy knowledge, expertise and higher education to enhance the welfare and nature of horses whether they are top sporting athletes, or farmyard pets.

Utilising CLM Equine as a facility to hold clinic days, Mitchell will be available for physical assessment, treatment and exercise prescription for your equine athlete. Physiotherapy is a great way to improve your horses performance by adding specific low impact exercises to strengthen particularly weak areas and improve suppleness and flexibility.

Mitchell also works closely with veterinarians to aid in recovery and rehabilitation from accident or injury.

CLM Equine will run this clinic on the 1st February where initial consultations will be $140 and revisit consultations $100

Please contact CLM Equine for bookings via DM or email –


All other enquiries can be directed to Craig via DM, email or 0413411746

Note: All lameness concerns need to be assessed and diagnosed by at veterinarian before being referred to ECH Physiotherapy. If your unsure about your horse soundness please don’t hesitate to contact CLM Equine or ECH Physiotherapy for guidance.

Team CLM

We are excited to get Team CLM up and running again for the 2020 competition season…

Last years team saw some great successes along with some great friendships developing along the way for support and encouragement …

This year we will run the Team the same way starting in February 2020. To become a member of the team you are required to have regular lessons at CLM Equine and be competing at any level in either offical, participant or club competition.

There will be a closed Facebook group for all members of the team where posts of up coming competitions, clinics, and important information will be made available. It also becomes a platform for team members to communicate and coordinate their competition schedules..

CLM Equine will also provide warm-up support at competitions, test feed back, training days, team merchandise and lots more exclusively for Team CLM Members

If this is something you are interested in please contact Craig at CLM Equine. Hope you see some new horse and rider combinations for another fun and successful year 🦄

Being a good student !

Riding is honestly one of the toughest sports around ! While any sport is seriously challenging at the elite levels, a lot of the olympic sports are enjoyed by many as a social interaction or even a form of stress relief. Now “horse riding” can be both of these too, there are so many levels of riding and different types or styles of riding that can be done.. I will specify this blog post to Dressage but at the same time I believe the same for any equestrian discipline performed at a competition level..

I don’t believe that any one training method has any more or any less value than any other … my belief is to provide a consistent systematic approach to all training and allow the horse time to learn. As we all know people learn at different rates and in different capacities, this also applies to horse! Having said that I am trying to relate this to the topic of being a good student because the rate at which the horse learns can sometimes dictate the rate at which the rider learns! For example, a rider can not learn to ride a flying change before the horse is taught the aids for a flying change.

As a coach I see a lot of students coming and going, trying different things, expecting the horse to “just do it” and I hear things like “it’s hard”, “he won’t do it”, “you get on and do it” and amongst other similar lines my all time favourite “I can’t” !! While I have a small amount of knowledge, I still feel everyday is a lesson for me too. My journey as a rider is still very young and I am guided by those around me and mostly by my horses. I have and still experience difficult rides, not understanding exercises, managing my timing and feel, correcting my position and improving the delivery of my aids. I don’t truely believe I will ever stop trying to improve my own riding, my training and my knowledge for horses and horse riding. The one thing I keep in the back of my mind is to not give up, to work harder, to understand better and to stay open to other people’s knowledge and experience. Because no one horse is the same !

Now going back to the consistent systematic approach I try to maintain for the training of my horses, I also apply this same method with my riders as their coach. Every rider I see has already a basic understanding of the concepts of riding and more often than not have had lessons with other coaches prior to their first lesson with me. From my perspective I need to gain an understand of the knowledge each riders has and their understanding of that knowledge. I also need to work out what each rider feels in the saddle and what they don’t, this being one of the hardest things to not only teach but also learn. And then I have to set the riders on a path, with, like my horses training, a consistent systematic approach. Going back to the example I mentioned before with the flying change. We can also take this to another example towards the other end of the scale.. How do you make your horse walk? Some might say kick, some might say squeeze, some might simply just say leg! Then we pose another question, How do you get your horse to trot? Many riders will answer both these questions with the exact same answer. So is this right or wrong ? I ask another question, when I’m riding my test and I want my horse to make a nice big over track in the free walk, do I just kick more ? Or this asking my horse to trot? Either way if you train your horse through repetitively kicking to walk and kicking more to trot that is exactly what he will learn to do. Sometimes horses can be systematically trained to do the “wrong” thing without the rider even being aware.

If your looking to ride for pleasure and just hack out from time to time then there is nothing wrong with anything your doing provided you and your horse are both safe and happy! If you are looking at improving your riding into a specific discipline where you would like to be competitive you need to work and work hard. There are going to be times where things go wrong, there are times when you learn something new and the things that were good seem to fail, there are times where you feel like you get stuck and most of all there are times where you need to wait for your horse to learn!

Dressage is a sport where we take 2 individual minds with a massive natural language barrier and ask them to work as one ! A sport where you not only need a lot of knowledge but also great body awareness and control, timing, rhythm, quick decision making skills and healthy amount of confidence. Combine all of that into developing a language where the rider can talk to their horse and the horse listens and understands to be able to produce a beautiful performance in a test.

You might ask where am I going with all this?

In developing this language riders utilise coaches to help them on their quest to improve, we might just talk a little bit about what attracts coaches to a rider. A coach to me needs to firstly be someone that has worked and trained in the discipline I’m wanting to learn, I want my coach to have experiences similar to what I am having, I need to be able to trust them, I need to be able to listen to them and also ask questions of them to gain a proper understanding and most of all, for me personally, my coach has to like my horse!

So I have chosen a coach, to be a good student I need to respect their experience, trust their system works even though I might not be able to see where the result will be. Ask questions where I’m confused and listen carefully to the answers, understand the “problems” and also the “corrections”. I need to PRACTICE! problems aren’t resolved in a lesson, remember horses need time to learn! Lessons are for the rider to gain understanding and knowledge, every ride between lessons is where the horse gains understanding and knowledge. The single biggest importance for a student is to not give up! Training is hard! Your coach doesn’t give up on you, they constantly try to help you improve and to understand. Remember success comes from a consistent systematic approach and even though you sometime feel like your stuck in your training, you quietly keep pressing on and that problem will resolve. Stick with your coach and keep practicing, remember we spoke about giving your horse time to learn ? Sometimes the “rut” or the stall in your training is because your horse needs more time. Sometimes it’s because you haven’t really understood the timing or the feeling, sometimes it’s because the you have misunderstood the information from your coach and sometimes it just takes miles in the saddle for it to really sink in.

Every coach and every rider is out there to do their best and enjoy their horses participating in one of the most difficult sports. Remember your coach is there for you and often goes above and beyond to help you and their reward is seeing you do well. As a rider, believe in your coach and yourself and keep working, work hard and if it sucks or feels bad it probably is. But that doesn’t mean give up or stop training, there are so many reasons it could be like that and most of the time they get better by continuing on and riding through the ugly bits.

Trust you coach, give your horse time and enjoy your personal journey to success in the Dressage arena!

Happy riding 🙂🐴

Dressage Clinic

We are hoping to secure Robbie McKinnon from the southern Highlands in Nsw for future clinic dates here in S.E.Qld…

Robbie partnered with Dave McKinnon run McKinnon Sport Horses successfully training and competing at the highest levels of both Dressage and show … Trained to FEI Grand Prix guided by Miguel Tavora she needs no introduction to the Dressage circles, nor do her achievements in the show ring. A multi National Champion Rider and numerous Show Horse championships, she has a wealth of information to offer both Dressage and show riders..

You can find more information about Robbie at their Facebook page – www.facebook.com/mckinnonsporthorses or from their web page – http://www.robaliequestrian.com/robbie-mckinnon.html

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to stay up to date with the future of these clinics please PM us your Name, Email and Contact Number or email us at – CLMEquine@icloud.com

We could be holding a clinic as soon as the 5th and 6th of July 2019 😀

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Buckwell Park Juliette

CLM Equine offers Buckwell Park Juliette for sale, this Galloway mare will go place and is in the prime of her life ready to start a serious show/competition career..

Juliette is registered with Equestrian Australia and has current Pony Dressage Licence and Height Certificate (14.1 5/8hh)

She is offered to the market for $17 000 neg

F.A.C.E Clinic – 7th April 2018

Turn your FEARS and ANXIETY into CONFIDENCE and ENJOY your horse!

This clinic is aimed at those riders that have all the gear and “want” to be riding and potentially even competitive but are troubled but their own fears and anxiety.

We will look at ways to help you over come these insecurities and teach you to draw confidence from horse horse and the partnership you create with him/her.

There’s is no pressure in this clinic other than to arrive for your lesson and be on time. Some of you may not even make it into the saddle but you will gain knowledge and understanding and go home with some tools, be it in the saddle or groundwork !!

Get your bookings in to secure your times and booking will be finalised on receipt of payment and completion of booking form.


Beginners Roping Clinic – March 3rd 2018

Want to try something crazy?

This roping clinic is aimed at people looking to learn a slightly different sport with their own horse.

9am – 12pm ground work and rope handling skills

12pm – 1pm lunch break

1pm – 3:30pm horse training

3:30pm – 4:30pm dummy Roping competition

All Roping equipment is supplied and clinics are limited to 6 riders.

Cost is $250

Bookings will close on the 26th February please email CLM Equine to secure your spot today.

Building Confidence for Competition with Craig Lucas

Whether you’re a rider that has always had the desire to compete or you are already a competitive rider, this is your opportunity to build confidence in the competition arena. Craig from CLM Equine will help you find your competitive strength. Each lesson will begin and end as a competitive dressage test would, creating a real-life competition atmosphere, with the added benefit of an actual lesson at the same time.

CLM Equine is a boutique Dressage and Team Roping training facility located at Boyland in the beautiful Scenic Rim. They run a range of clinics, ridden classes, private lessons and competition squads.


Get your nominations in now to secure your spot and learn to enjoy your time in the competition arena!!!!

CGDRC cannot be held responsible for changes in your personal circumstances. Should you wish to cancel your booking – there are NO refunds if your spot in the clinic cannot be replaced with another participant. You are welcome to gift your spot to another person so they can pay you directly, or you can advertise your spot to recoup your clinic cost.

Members have priority to these days. If there are any remaining positions in the last week prior to nominations closing, they will open to non-members with an additional $25 day membership fee.

We will be running multiple clinics all on the one day.

You may enter more than one clinic, we will space your sessions so you and your horse a can rest between clinics.

Our canteen will be open so please support your club. You will be able to purchase club merchandise and collect your key.

On the day, all riders must wear an EA approve safety helmet and appropriate footwear, and complete a horse health declaration.

CLM Equine

Our modern and fully equipped equestrian centre is happy to offer everything from dressage and show-jumping to roping clinics.

Bambling Rd, Boyland, Queensland, Australia 4275

email: info@clmequine.com.au


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